January 17th, 2013 by Gallagher John No Comments
I first wrote this post in November, 2009.  I really love this exercise and wanted to share it again with some recent stories to support it.  This week I had a chance to share this exercise with some friends that I work with.  I wanted to share it again with you.

Often, our society raises up popular people as models in their lives… And, then, we are let down.  Just today in the news were the stories of Lance Armstrong coming clean after lying for more than 10 years and a bizarre story about Manti Teo’s girlfriend who passed away, yet never existed. Sports athletes…actors…politicians…rarely leave a positive, lifelong effect on our lives.  Who does?


Take 5 minutes to answer the following 3 questions… NO GOOGLE…thats cheating!

1. Who are the 2012 top five wealthiest people in the world?

2. Who are the last five Golden Globe winners for best actress?

3. How about the last 5 Most Valuable Players of the American League in baseball?

How did you do?  Not really that easy, is it?  You might have gotten 1 in each caetegory.

Now, answer this question(I want you to WRITE the answer to this question!): Name 5 people who have had a positive difference on your entire LIFE?  My first 3 questions only go back 5 years, but if you are reading this blog post,  this question goes back just a bit farther…

Much easier, right?

And the point is…we tend to not remember POPULAR people, but we DO remember those who made a difference in our lives.

I want you to choose one on the your written list and tell them “Thank You”.  Write them a note(not an email or a text or a facebook message, a HAND WRITTEN note…oh, the pain!) and let them know that you appreciate them.    There was one person who commented on this post back in 2009, and he makes my list.  Stan Buck made an eternal difference in my life.  Stan passed away recently.  Don’t wait. Do it now.

Finally, I want you to ponder one more question about this exercise:  Who is going to write YOUR name on THEIR list?  If you can’t think of anyone immediately, then maybe you need to start making a difference in someone’s life in a postive way….TODAY.