January 30th, 2016 by John Gallagher No Comments



Facebook has a really cool tactic to get you to engage more… Memories:

facebook memories

You click on it and it takes you back to posts from that date in the past.  Most of the time, those are good memories, some challenging, but likely ones where we were sharing something we learned or accomplished.

Can we do that to improve our leadership skills?  Don’t you wish you had a “Your positive leadership memories” button to push to go back to times where you had successful personal leadership moments?

I often encourage others to create a ‘Why’ folder.  A place to store reminders of good leadership moments.   It shouldn’t just be a folder, though, that makes us feel good when we are down, although that helps.  But, when we look back on memories (both positive and challenges), there are lessons to be learned and questions to be asked.  I believe the most important questions to ask when reviewing those positive memories would be:

  1. What was I ‘doing’ at that moment that helped me to achieve that success?
  2. Who was I ‘being’ at that moment that helped me to achieve that success?
  3. How can I use what I was doing and being then to achieve success in the PRESENT moment?

Maybe someone some day will create an app that pops up memory reminders for our positive leadership moments.  Maybe one exists and I don’t know it.  Either way, be intentional on reviewing those memories, learning from them, and driving continuous improvement as a leader.

What are your thoughts?