Top 5 Christmas Gifts as a kid

December 18th, 2008 by Gallagher John 1 Comment
With two boys, ages 12 & 9, shopping this year has been quite fun…and challenging! For example, I asked them to list 5 things they wanted for Christmas. My 12 year old lists as #1 – Visa gift card, and #2 – Cash!!!! I just smile at him. He doesn’t trust his parents to get him what he ‘likes’.

Over dinner a couple nights ago, we were discussing our favorite gifts as kids. I’ll show my age, but my Top 5 went like this:

1) Mr. Quarterback – I remember when I got this game and absolutely wore out every 9-volt battery we had!! I simply loved this gift. In fact, I just put a bid on one on Ebay!! (You can find just about anything on ebay, you know…)
2) 10-speed bike – Got that when I was 10 and remember riding it in the snow on the street Christmas morning. Rode the wheels off that thing for 8 years!!
3) Atari – Wow did Santa do a nice job of hiding this one. Came downstairs and looked under the tree and nothing. I thought for sure Santa would have set it up and had it ready to go. I was crushed. Then, WAY UNDER the tree I found the box. Had to be like Ralphie getting his Red Rider b-b gun!! (Remember when you used to have to reach behind the TV and move the selector from Game to TV? The little 2-prong adapter was a pain in the neck! Back then, the Atari game new, I remember, was $189.00 with no games. Now, go to a big-box retailer and get the thing loaded with like 20 games for $19.95 and plug it right in the front of your TV!)
4) Evil Knievel motorcycle – Come on, you remember the one…you had to put it in this stand, wind the stand, and let ‘er go. The walls were never the same!!
5) Mom will swear that the Big Wheel was a favorite of mine, although I don’t really remember ‘getting it’. I just have an old photo (withheld for pride reasons since I had my Ninja pajamas on! – We also always got a new pair of pajamas every Christmas Eve! – A tradition we have continued in our house today). The story we love to tell about the Big Wheel was when I left it on the old floor register and melted the front tire flat. Made for some tough riding and funny ‘thump’ noises after that!!
All kinds of memories about toys – What were your favorite gifts you got as a kid for Christmas?
Stay on the lookout for some more ‘Top 5’ lists as I wind down 2008 and prepare for 2009. It is going to be a great year.
  • Eric Rauschenberg

    Boy bringing back memories can be fun. I can remember Christmas as a kid.
    Before I get to my top 5, I have to tell probably my most memorable Christmas morning story. My brother and I always loved to get up as early, just to sneak downstairs to see what Santa brought. Well, one Christmas we made our way downstairs around about 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning and wouldn’t you believe Santa was already at the house. It felt like the Christmas Story. Going through the presents saying “WOW that