They're watching you – Your kids, that is!!

October 30th, 2008 by Gallagher John 5 Comments

When I attended a the Building Champions Experience recently in Bend, OR, their CEO, Daniel Harkavy and his wife had a breakout session titled “Parenting – They’re watching you”. It was a great session and Chris and I took a lot away. Not only are they watching, but they are listening to you as well. I was driving in to the gym today and heard this country song on the radio title – Watching You. There are a lot of crazy country songs that tell some wild stories, and ones that tell really great stories. This is one of those great stories. If you have a few minutes, watch this video. It tells a great story and is a wake-up call for us parents!

Have a great week!

  • Daniel Harkavy

    Great video John! Thank you for your very encouraging and affirming words about The Building Champions Experience. We so appreciate it and are glad you were there to share in it with us.

    Looking forward to next years Experience!

    Daniel Harkavy

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