“The stairs are my friend” – Right?

December 7th, 2010 by Gallagher John 1 Comment

One of the disciplines in my Fitness ‘account’ that I work hard on is to have 225 total minutes of cardio and weight training per week.  When traveling, I don’t have a gym membership.  The hotel fitness center is nice, but the treadmill can get boring real fast!  So, my friend and fitness coach, Che Torry,  of Lifewise Fitness encouraged me to become friends with the hotel stairs and designed a cardio workout for me.  Click the video below to see:

If you are having trouble seeing this video in your browser, CLICK HERE

I would love to say it was ‘fun’, but at least it’s not the treadmill!!!  I have to keep saying to myself…the stairs are my friend!

When you travel, what are some creative workouts you do to stay with your fitness disciplines?