The most powerful 'tip' for a leader – Only $0.69!!

November 14th, 2008 by Gallagher John No Comments

I have a friend & colleague, Daniel Brown, who just finished reading a great book: Becoming a Coaching Leader . He and I were reviweing it today and he had some great thoughts about how it impacted his view on leadership. As we discussed it, we thought of the power packaged inside the ‘tip’ of a ball point pen. The power to impact the lives of the important people in our lives with a $0.69 ‘tool’ called an ink pen!

Leaders, take note. If you take an ink pen and a piece of paper and take 2 minutes to write a personal note to someone, it can have an impact that will leave a legacy. Imagine how you would feel (or have already felt!) when you receive a:

  • Birthday card from a friend in the mail
  • A kind note of congratulations when you get a promotion or win an award
  • A note of mercy and grace from someone who cared when you lost a family member or friend
  • A Thank You note for something you did for a friend in need
  • A ‘Thinking of You’ note that simply said hello.

Now, I know what you might say. “Well, I sent an email to them”, or “I said hello to them on Facebook”, but the feelings of receiving an email versus receiving a hand-written card are totally different. Why is it so difficult to take the two to three minutes necessary to hand write a note to someone and let them know you care? I admit, I am guilty of the email/Facebook copout! But, a personal note….with a REAL STAMP (not a machine stamp!)…now that has a lasting impact. I am willing to bet that you all have handwritten notes you received from someone that when you find them in the drawer, you read them again, and it brings a smile to your face.

Another friend of mine, Jim Karger, wrote a powerful book Why Work Isn’t Working Anymore. In it, he devotes and entire chapter to the ‘Care Card’. I am compelled to think that if we all read the chapter of this book, we could replace the word ‘Work’ in the title of the book with ‘Church’, ‘Family’, ‘Country’, ‘Politics’, and on and on and on.

The power in the ‘tip’ of a ball point pen has the potential to leave a seismic impact.

So, are you willing to INVEST $0.69 to save the world?! The $750 billion bailout would buy a lot of pens and have a BIGGER impact…

Who has had an impact on your life? Let them know. WRITE them a note.