The hotel stairs are NOT just for fire escapes!

March 31st, 2011 by Gallagher John No Comments

Do you want to change up your exercise routine while traveling?  Getting tired of the treadmills being taken when you want to exercise?  Have you ever seen this sign before in a hotel?:

Well, the stairs are NOT just for fire escapes.

Recently, I posted on the stairs being “my friend” when traveling.  Here is another ‘twist’ on taking the stairs for a good cardio and/or strength workout.  My basketball brethren will get this one real quick.  (Remember the “monsters”?)

The Stair “Monster”

1) How many floors in your hotel?  Subtract 1 if you are in a hotel 14 stories or higher (Remember, no 13th floor in hotels!).  Divide by 3

2) Start at floor level and walk up the first 1/3, then return to ground floor (good recovery time)

3) Walk 2/3 of the way up then return to ground floor

4) Walk to top then return to ground floor

5) Repeat step 3

6) Repeat step 2

You will feel it.  In a smaller hotel?  Just repeat a few times.  You intermediate or advanced folks want a tougher workout?  Do this twice, divide by 4, do EVERY floor, or replace the word “Walk” above with “jog”, or “run”.  Want to add in some strength conditioning?  Add in 15 repetitions of your ‘favorite’ exercise(squats, push-ups, situps, jumping jacks and be sure to take a towel as the stairs may not be ‘clean’) at each landing during your return to ground floor.  

This works for several reasons:

1) It changes up the routine of just “running on a treadmill”. 

2) You can set incremental goals each time you do this.  Maybe you want to improved your time, or # stairs climbed each workout.

3) Unlike a busy workout room, RARELY are the stairs going to be “taken”.

What other creative ways to you get your workouts in while staying at a hotel?