That 'First day of school feeling'

August 24th, 2009 by Gallagher John 6 Comments

Today was the first day back at another school year for our sons,Brendan (7th grader) and Joseph (5th grader). I know they were anxious, even thought they did not want to tell Mom & Dad that! We were anxious, no doubt.

Of course, we told them the story about how “When we were kids ________________.” They rolled their eyes. Each year I make breakfast for them on the first day, too. This year, there was one eggo waffle request and a frozen sausage, egg & cheese muffin. Made it easy on me!!

The first day of school is a new beginning. Chances for them to get new clothes, new books, make new friends, and hopefully, learn a few new things. It should be a good calibration point for me. Generally, in life, there are not many ‘First days of _______(school, job, etc.).” But, when there are, it tends to be exciting. It tends to be a learning experience. We get to meet new people.

So, if we are stuck in a rut, how do we make that “First day of school” feeling all over again? I need to ask myself that question. You see, today is the “First day” of the rest of your life( I didn’t make that up. I am sure someone else said it!). What can you do to create that anxiousness, that excitement, that knotted up stomach feeling when you walk through the front doors? I need to create that feeling again.

Maybe I will go get myself a pair of new school shoes today! Have a great week, friends.

God, I pray that you watch over our boys this year at school. Introduce them to great opportunities, great friends/relationships, and keep them safe. I pray that you grant their parents wisdom, patience, and understanding. Help us all grow closer as a family this year. – Amen

  • Anonymous

    Perfect words my friend. Makes me miss the weekly conversations! Let us make a point to catch up soon. God Bless.

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    What a great message to start the week; it brought back many memories of when our boys, now almost 31 and 26, were that age.

    It's tough to get that "first day of school" feeling on our own. I think our daily quiet time, surrender to the Holy Spirit, and glorifying God in all we do, is the best I have found.

    Miss seeing you all!



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    Hey John, thanks for sharing. Yes, 1st days; new beginnings, new feelings, old familiar feelings too. We dropped Jillian off at Ball State last night. Her 1st night in the dorm with her 1st ever room-mate. 1st of many tears Miriam and I shed over the joy (and anxiety) of seeing our 1st child take her 1st of many big steps to come. For me, 1st

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    Thanks for your words and prayer. I will say a prayer too, for your boys,as they start a new year, that they will find joy and peace in all they do.
    Yours is a great reminder of that "new beginning" we all used to experience as children, that was as much a part of our lives as the 4 seasons. May we all get to experience a little of that feeling again in some way some how. It is a good feeling!
    I hope to see you soon!

  • John Gallagher

    Chris, I can't imagine the challenge of dropping off a first daughter at college. I know Stan Buck(pastor in Fort Wayne) just 'moved' his daughter and son-in-law to Denver. Had to be tough, too. Thanks for sharing and good to hear from you. John

  • John Gallagher

    Julie, Wink & Che,

    Thanks for sharing. John