Take your Thinking to another level…35,000 feet!

November 21st, 2010 by Gallagher John No Comments

One of the disciplines I have struggled with over the years is taking the time to do intentional ‘Thinking’.  Specifically, I have not invested the  time to intentionally review my personal vision (Life Plan) and Business Plan on a regular basis. 

During BCE2010, many of the coaches and participants talked about the need to take time for thinking.  I heard things like:

– Top performers have a discipline of Thinking

– The Life Plan is only 10% writing it and 90% living it – JUST READ IT!!

– Read it, Carry it, Share it, Update it

I wanted to get better at this discipline of thinking and I looked for blocks of time that I could use to be more intentional.  Currently, I travel via air 2 to 3 times per month.  I had ‘captivated’ time on an airplane where the distractions are significantly reduced (unless I am sitting next to someone who snores!).  So, I decided to use my air time to review the life plan.  My new discipline includes:

1) Carrying the life plan with me (had to change from the BCE2010 issued binder to a flexible binder)

2) Read the life plan

3) After reading, do a check-in on how I am doing.  Working with Coach Raymond, I chose the K, S, S.  What are the things I need to Keep, Start, and Stop doing?

This new discipline has worked really well for me.  There have been specific improvements as a result of this discipline conducted while traveling.  So, whether you travel via air or not, I highly suggest blocking time off in your calendar to review your personal and business plans AND use a process like K,S,S to improve those plans.

So, when are you doing your intentional Thinking time?  What are the things that keep you from doing that on a regular basis?