January 20th, 2013 by Gallagher John No Comments

It’s Sunday morning.  Before heading off to church, its time for a good cup of coffee, watching last night’s DVR’d Saturday Night Live because I am too old to stay up that late, John Hagee yelling at me a bit AND, a facebook chat with my little’ brother Michael Gallagher.  Often, we chat over a cup of coffee and try to solve the world’s problems(or hopefully, at least 1 or 2 of our own!)… Today, I pinged him for a blog topic.  AND, he gave me a thought on our key-chain cards.

kroger card on keychainWe love these cards.  It only takes a few minutes at the register to sign up and there are all kinds of benefits to receive.  Why can’t we use these cards for some of the other challenges in our lives, though…?

  • Why can our grocery store keep count of my purchases on a key-chain card which then affords us the opportunity to save up to $1.00 per gallon of gas, yet my federal government can’t provide us an easier way to do our taxes?!
  • Why can our pharmacy use a key-chain card to send us an update of when our prescriptions may need to be refilled, yet our doctor’s office can’t keep track of when our last tetanus shot was????
  • Why can our fitness membership card (and the fitness place is owned by the Health System!) allow us to scan our key-chain card when going to work out, yet when we go the same doctor’s office owned by the same group they make us fill out the same stinking paperwork every time we go in and they STILL have the wrong address!!!?

There has to be easier ways, right?  We need another cup of coffee…

What’s your “key-chain card” that you couldn’t do without?  AND, what problem do you wish could be solved with a key-chain card?  You can comment by clicking on the Comment tab at the top of the post.