October 26th, 2013 by John Gallagher 5 Comments

Recently, I posted about needing a coach.  I mentioned in the post that you may want to consider employing a good coach.  If you aren’t quite ready to make that investment, there are several other effective ways of coaching.  One of the methods I employ is to follow other leader’s (aks, coaches) blogs.  Many leaders are gracious to ‘give’ away their content for FREE to help you to grow.  I follow many types of blogs including Leadership, Lean, Health Care, Sports, and Spiritual blogs to help increase my knowledge in each of the areas.  Following the blogs is easy.  I use Internet Explorer to compile the RSS feeds so that when a new post is written, I automatically receive the link. (I will blog about this process in a later post).


Here are a few of the Leadership blogs that I follow:

Andy Andrews

Michael Hyatt

Robert D Smith

Kristen Gielow

Skip Prichard

Now, what a blog post doesn’t do that an actual coach WILL do is hold you accountable.  Self-discipline is very important when you choose this path of Coaching.

Do you subscribe to blogs as a way to grow personally as a Leader?  What blogs do you recommend?

  • Michael Gallagher

    I follow Michael Hyatt as well. I also follow Dave Ramsey,, I follow my sports blogs, and I follow the author of this blog…frequently.

  • Debra Hickok

    I thought my comment posted earlier but not sure so I apologize if it shows up twice.
    Although you have referenced in your previous posts, the experience of working with a coach, there is a great deal more missing from following blogs versus working with a coach than simply accountability. Coaching is an interactive, rich collaborative relationship in which the vision, purpose, values and goals are individually addressed, in depth if necessary. More importantly the ways in which the client is blocked are looked at with regard to their background, current approach and unique life journey. It is the interaction itself and the many aspects of it that builds the foundation for change. As a Certified Coach and Facilitator who specializes in Mindful Leadership, while I greatly appreciate blogs and enjoy following some myself, it is irresponsible of you to characterize following a blog (no matter how diligently) as “coaching”.

  • Debra, Thanks so much for your input. I think your points are valid and in no way was I implying that blogs were the only form of coaching necessary. Your articulation of coaching is vivid and purposeful.
    Having said that, I must disagree with your characterization of me as ‘irresponsible’. I find great value in blogs, articles, podcasts, etc., as supplements to individual coaching. Have you ever shared any of these with your clients? If not, maybe you should consider it. It may add value to the relationship with your clients!

  • Glad to hear that I am on your list, bro!

  • Debra Hickok

    Hi John and thank you as well for your reply.
    Just to clarify, I did not intend to characterize you (as a person) as irresponsible, and apologize for any unintended judgment. Perhaps I could have been more articulate. I believe it is an irresponsible use of language, particularly when in a leadership role, which you are, to refer to following and even learning from blog content as a form of coaching.
    We may end up respectfully agreeing to disagree, but I did want to clarify.