Shopping Experience Pet Peeves – Top 5

November 20th, 2008 by Gallagher John 1 Comment

As we get closer to the Holiday season, I learn just how painful it can be to go shopping. It only gets worse as we get into the Christmas season.

Wikipedia defines a pet peeve as “a complaint about specific behaviors, rather than general dissatisfaction”. I define it as something that just torques me off and gets my blood pressure to rise.

Well, here are my TOP 5 PET PEEVES that occur while shopping:

1) Driving the wrong way through a parking lot to take shortcuts. Why is it so difficult to use the lanes that are provided? And, if you do it, can you keep it below 55 MPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

2) Driving the wrong way up the aisles when you can only get in the parking spot from the opposite direction.

3) Leaving an empty shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot next to parked cars on WINDY DAYS WHEN THE SHOPPING CART CORRAL IS ONLY 10 FEET AWAY!!!! I like to go up right behind them and take the cart just as they leave it and say “Don’t worry, I’ll get this for you. I know you are in a hurry.

4) Using a center turn lane as AN ACCELERATION LANE. If you do this beside me, I will likely drive with you on the side and make it difficult for you to exit this lane until you STOP.

5) There are 500 parking spots, but sure enough, someone will INTENTIONALLY park right next to my vehicle where I am parked and be sure to park so that I cannot open my door to get in my car!!!!!

I feel better now. Remember my recent post about Abraham Lincoln and not sending emails? This just doesn’t work with Pet Peeves, but at least I can post it here rather than pointing someone out in the parking lot and embarrassing my children!!!

Other than this, I REALLY enjoy shopping…

What are your pet peeves in the shopping season? I will try to avoid them!

  • Lisa Gallagher

    I really hate when a person leaves their cart in the dead center of the aisle, so no one else can get through!