Relationships and Green Bean Casserole

September 22nd, 2009 by Gallagher John 1 Comment

Where I come from, one of the favorite ‘pot-luck’ side dishes is ‘green bean casserole’. We could debate all day long about who makes the best green bean casserole. Of course, I would say it was my wife, Chris, but she has never made it, so my next best vote would be Mom!! (Although, I am not sure she has ever made it, either!)

So, what in the world does Green Bean Casserole have to do with Relationships? It is very simple: When I ‘hear'(or smell!) green bean casserole, I think of some of the times I have gotten together with friends in the past. I think of:

  • picnics at home with family
  • get togethers with college friends (Susan ALWAYS brought green bean casserole ;0>)
  • small group gatherings with friends from church
  • the day that Chris and I were baptized with friends in Fort Wayne, IN, when we formally and publicly professed our faith together

So, while it doesn’t matter if I really LIKE green bean casserole, (I really don’t. I prefer the pasta salad or the pepperoni rolls!) it is simply the memories made that are important and the fellowship/relationships I have built with friends over the years.

I’m hungry…

What is the comfort food that YOU always remember at your favorite gatherings? Does it bring a smile to your face to think about your favorite ‘casserole’ and the friends or family you spent time with while eating that food?

  • Michael

    Okay I have two. But first let me say that Lisa's mother makes GREAT Green Bean Casserole.
    My two favorites are:
    1. Creamed Peas
    2. Homemade Buttered Noodles

    Both are special to me, first because they are delicious. Second, because both were passed down to Lisa and she makes them taste great.
    Mom gave Lisa the tips to make creamed peas. Lisa doesn't like them, but both her and mom know that I love them and they love making them for me.
    Gram gave Lisa directions on how to make homemade noodles. I can remember the first Thanksgiving I went to Gram and Gamps' and when asked if I wanted noodles, I almost passed. But I remembered something my brother taught me: Never pass up food at a future in-laws house! Especially a grandparents house.