March 2nd, 2013 by Gallagher John No Comments

During my run this morning, I was listening to Michael Hyatt’s podcast entitled: “The Fine Art of Delegation – Part 1”.  I had wished I had pen and paper to take notes on this one.

delegation sticky

Mike described the 5 levels of delegation as:

  • Level 1: Do exactly what I have asked you to do.
  • Level 2: Research the topic and report back
  • Level 3: Research the topic, outline the options and make a recommendation.
  • Level 4: Make a decision and then tell me what you did.
  • Level 5: Make whatever decision you think is best.

This is a great way for leaders to set expectations, as well as delegate.  When you assign a task as a leader, do you use these specific expectations?  Imagine how effective you could be if your reports knew exactly what YOU wanted as an output.  That’s a novel idea, huh?

Maybe you are a not a leader in ‘title’.  How often are you assigned a task where you don’t know the exact output?  Use these levels to manage ‘up’.  When you are assigned a task and the output is unclear, ask your boss the question… Do you want me to make a decision on this (level 5), or just research and make a suggestion (Level 3).

How frequently do you ‘think’ you know what your direct report or your supervisor ‘wants’, and come to find out that the output is not what was expected?

I love when I learn something new and find myself saying, “If I had learned this 2o years ago…”.

So, whether you are a leader in position, or influence, do two things: 1) subscribe to Mike’s podcast.  It is fantastic.  2) Try out these 5 levels of Delegation.  Let me know how it goes by commenting below.