Our 44th President

January 20th, 2009 by Gallagher John 2 Comments

Today, we have a new President in office. I have struggled with the words to describe my emotions as I watched, but I think Mike Huckabee said it well in a post he put out shortly after the inauguration:

With Prayerful Hearts
Today at 1:21pm
As of this afternoon, we have a new President. I had hoped that the 44th President would be a guy named Huckabee, but that didn

  • Jerry Girardot

    I struggle with the thought of the new President leading our country for the simple fact that his views to not align with mine.

    I pray to the Good Lord that he changes his view on partial birth abortion and stops the innocent slaying of unborn chidren.

    As I have watched Barack on the news time and time again speak of change and hope, I too hope that this change happens.

  • Eric Rauschenberg

    I agree with this to the fullest. I get a lot of people upset with me when I tell them that I liked President Bush. I also get them mad when I say I don’t agree with President Obama on a great deal of his policies and beliefs. They don’t hear when I say but I will support him in what he does and will speak up when what he does is not right. Most Obama supporters that I have come to know are one sided and of one mind. They appear to think that someone who has an opinion different than theirs is wrong and that we want our country to fail.
    What I have to say about this is that our country won’t fail because we all have opinions and some of those opinions are different. If we all thought alike then when something was done that could harm the country it would never get corrected or worse yet could bring the end to our free country as we know it.
    What the conclusion to this entry comes down to is…Let us all have a say and let us disagree with a peaceful debate and what is right, no matter what side it’s from, will prevail.
    God Bless Our New President and God Bless America the greatest country on earth!