My Nook after 90 days…

March 5th, 2011 by Gallagher John No Comments


Because I travel regularly and I normally have a few books going at once, I decided to purchase the Barnes and Noble Nook.  Here are my observations after the first 90 days I have had it.


  • I only have to carry one ‘book’ to have all of my books on it.  I have read 3 books so far and I have my Bible on it as well.
  • The screen is clear and easy to read
  • It has Sudoku on it as well!
  • The highlighting and note features are both easy to use after a short training period.
  • Love the ‘Lookup’ feature for when I don’t know what a word means.  This was VERY important when I read ‘Mojo’ by Marshall Goldsmith.  A really good read, but some of the vocabulary he used was well-advanced!


  • The web browser is just OK.  Of course, I am not a fan of touch screen keypads due to my large fingers. 
  • When using on an airplane, my reading time is reduced since I must turn my ‘electronic device’ off during takeoff and landing.  I cringe when seeing other people continue to read their print books!
  • While I find the note taking feature easy to use, I find it very difficult to navigate through the notes after I am finished.  On the ereader vserion on my laptop, I can easily see the comments, but am unable to copy and paste them into Evernote

So, after a few months, I am still not ready to completely retire my hardback books.  Until Barnes and Noble is able to make it easier to manage the notes and highlights (as the Kindle IS able to do), then I will only consider the Nook an OK tool for the novel reader, but it lacks the necessary tools for a business book reader looking to add to their personal development.

Do you have an ereader?  What do you consider to be the best and worst features of your ereader?  Have you completely switched away from print?