Lean Donut Maker?

March 16th, 2014 by John Gallagher No Comments



It’s the lean geek in me.  I was able to attend the Duke UNC Lacrosse game recently and at the game, there was a vendor selling “mini-donuts” – Man, they smelled good!  Had to check it out.  What a great surprise when I also got to see the donut making in action:

Having trouble watching the embedded video, click the link below:

Lean Donut Maker

My mind went to the Lean concepts I was seeing… It is just how I am wired:

1) 16 pieces of SWIP – 8 cooking on each side

2) Raw material in small funnel dropping at cycle time

3) Finished donuts… Looked like about 3 sold units (I think we got 8 mini-donuts in our bag.  $6 or $0.75/donut seemed a little high)

4) So, do you think they adjust the machine based on demand?  Probably not.  We were there early enough, but the line at halftime was about 40 people long!!

Oh, and they tasted really good!  I only got one.  My son was not a very good sharer!

To my Lean geek cohorts: After learning the tools, do you find yourself constantly evaluating these types of things from a Lean standpoint?  What Lean observations outisde of ‘work’ would you share?