Leadership lessons – “It’s a rock”

August 4th, 2010 by Gallagher John No Comments

I love this scene in Bug’s Life where Flick uses a ‘prop’ (a rock) to describe a concept (seed growing into a tree), but his student (Dot) doesn’t get him. I live this regularly when I share new ideas with my best friend, leadership student, and wife of 16 years, Chris. After I share a thought and she doesn’t get me (notice I say me and not it. Generally, it is a failure on my part to communicate), she will respond with “It’s a rock.” Then, I shake my head and chuckle thinking of this scene. 

I like to use props to tell stories about leadership, but not all people learn the same way. Be flexible. Use different types of ‘props’ to get your teaching point across such as: video, props, stories about your life, books or articles you have read, or sometimes just an arm around the shoulder and a quiet lesson in their ear…  Not all of your props as a leader will work with all audiences. 

Who are you communicating with and they respond to you with the proverbial “It’s a rock”?  How are you learning from this response?