Leaders: As your Responsibilities INCREASE, your rights DECREASE

April 22nd, 2010 by Gallagher John 2 Comments

Anyone who doesn’t believe the title of this post needs to look no farther than the sports headlines today.  Two different stories with the same cause, but different consequences:

This is not a post about judging right or wrong or the individuals involved, but making a point.  As our Responsibilities increase (Quarterback = President), our Rights decrease.  I am not talking about the rights we have as citizens, but the rights we have to make poor judgement and put ourselves in bad situations in the eyes of those who follow us and believe in us.  What have I learned from this Ben Roethlisberger story?

  1. I choose not to put myself in situations like Roethlisberger put himself in.  Aside from the allegations, we live in a world of camera phones, flip video cameras, Twitpic, etc., and our poor judgement can be broadcast, literally, in SECONDS.
  2. Leadership is a full-time position.  24/7.   There is a country song titled “I don’t have to be me til Monday.”  WRONG.  When you leave your ‘office’, you are expected to behave the same way whether or not you can be seen.  This is the definition of CHARACTER
  3. Some wise advice I was given early on:  “If your mother would be embarrassed to read about this action on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow, you probably should not be doing it.”

Ben Roethlisberger has made some poor decisions and put himself into a bad situation.  Whether or not he was convicted, he is the face of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ franchise.  As a leader, he must do better.   I hope that he, as an individual and leader, can recover from this and rebuild trust in the relationships he has damaged.

So, do you agree?  Do your rights DECREASE as your RESPONSIBILITIES increase?  Why or why not?

  • Vickey Gallagher

    Mother certainly would not have to read about it. If she would merely “hear” about it you should not do it. I think it the responsibility of ALL people to accept responsibilities of living the commandments. The world would so be a better place to live. Great blog, #1 son.

  • Stan Buck

    I agree John! I appreciate your passion to be a leader of integrity!

    (At the same time – I hope the Colts hold all their players accountable – if this player is found to be responsible for this charge – he should also be held to account! Everyone is responsible for their choices!)