I love Sunday Mornings!

August 10th, 2008 by Gallagher John 2 Comments

Sunday morning for me is very relaxing. I set an alarm to get up so that I can enjoy ‘my time’ for a couple hours. As I reflect on what I do, it still is a practice of continuous improvement…of managing my priorities…

‘Standard Work’ for Sunday Morning

1) 6:18 get up after hitting the snooze twice because there is just no reason someone should get up at 6:00 on Sunday if they don’t ‘have to’…

2) Put on a pot of coffee

3) Walk out to get the paper – What a beautiful day it is today! About 60 degrees & sunny.

4) ‘Organize’ the paper for reading – Pull out all the junk ads and put them aside. Does Dick’s Sporting Goods really EVER have a sale, or are they just trying to fool everyone with this ad?

a. Homes section first (need to review my ad for accuracy & other realtor ads for ideas!)

b. Main reading section – Sports first, of course!

c. ‘Extra’ section last as it has the Sudoku puzzle…Even after the comics (yes, I still read the

comics! Lots of good stuff in the Dilbert strip)

d. Then the ads – Target (pronounced tar-jhay here in the South!), and of course, the Staples ad. Free Glue today!! Showing my age here as I have evolved from Best Buy to Dick’s to Sears to now Staples as my favorite ad!!

e. Skim Parade magazine – Of course, the best issue is the how much people make issue. Also, found a new number puzzle in the Ask Marilyn section that is pretty cool called Numbrix.

f. Tear out Sudoku puzzle and mess up the Extra session for Chris (she is still sleeping peacefully, though. She’ll never know. I digress. I love to watch her sleep. She is at peace…More on that in the future…)

g. Hopefully, I finish just in time to watch Ed Young Television.

h. 8:30 now. Time to get ready for church…Day gets hectic from here as it really isn’t enough time to get ready. But, I love those first 2.5 hours…My Time…Church, lunch with the family, Open House, and today…Leave for the beach for a few days. Sneak in a couple more days before the kids go back to school..

OK. my Sunday morning has just been thrown for a spin. Instead of Ed Young being on, it is replaced with the Olympics. Phelps going for 8 golds..1 down and 7 to go…Have you all read how much he will actually swim in the next 10 days or so? What a machine!

Tell me about how YOU spend YOUR Sunday mornings.

Have a great week


  • Stan Buck


    I love Sunday nights!!

    Sunday mornings are a bit stressful for me as a preacher!! In fact, I get PMS on Saturday nights (Pre-Message Syndrome) – and it doesn't go away until Sunday afternoon!

    I do love to get together with God's people on Sunday mornings to celebrate His Goodness & Mercy!

    Must be nice having a cush job like yours – reading the newspaper on Sunday mornings! Man – that's the life!!


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