I hate jogging…I love having jogged !

February 2nd, 2012 by Gallagher John 1 Comment

Recently, I was listening to an Andy Andrews podcast and the NY Times best-selling author said something close to this about writing: “I hate writing, but I love having written.” This really struck me with regards to discipline of accomplishing a goal.

In the past year, I have picked up jogging as an exercise and actually run a few 5K’s.  I call it ‘jogging’ because I would be embarrassing the sport of running if I called my Clydesdale pace  ‘running’.  I HATE jogging…, but I LOVE having jogged!  There are a few reasons:

1) The fruit – For me, to maintain a healthy weight, I must exercise.  Since I started my jogging program almost a year ago, I have lost over 20 lb

2) The accomplishment – When I am through jogging, I feel like I have accomplished something positive and that is a good thing.

3) The goal – Whether I am shooting for a personal best time for 3.1 miles, or looking to shed a few extra calories due to the dessert the night before, it helps me to get to achieve my goals!

We all have things we hate do-“ing”, but love having “done” them.  My guess is that some of my ‘Lean’ friends I work with hate following their personal standard work, but the love having followed their personal standard work!  We love having done them for various reasons.  What reasons would you add?

Finish this sentence for me:  I hate __________________-ing, but I love having _____________-ed