How 10 minutes = 7 weeks lost productivity

February 26th, 2011 by Gallagher John 1 Comment

You know the person…The one you can ALWAYS count on to be late for meetings to get started.  They always have a good excuse, right?  You get the obligatory “Sorry, I am late”:

But, do you know that being just 10 minutes late for a meeting can result in WEEKS of lost productivity per year for your team?

The math is very simple. 

  • You regularly arrive 10 minutes late for a meeting
  • You are in 5 meetings a week on average (250 meetings per year – we can talk about having too many meetings later!!!)
  • You have 7 people in each meeting on average

Do the math:  250*7*10 =17,500 minutes = 292 hours, 0r 7.3 weeks’ productivity!!! 

There it is…New Math  10 minutes = 7.3 weeks…LOST!  You cannot get that time back no matter how hard you work.

Being on time for meetings is productive.  It is also more respectful of the people you are working with each day.

Do you have a picture of this person?  Is this person always late for meetings YOU?  Next time someone is late for a meeting, show them the math.

  • Kristen Kelly

    Good stuff John. Thanks for giving me permission to be up front with people who are late.
    Have a great day.