First day of school!!

August 25th, 2008 by Gallagher John 1 Comment

Every new beginning come from some other beginning’s end!
School began today and summer officially ended for the boys & us. Brendan is in 6th grade and Joseph 4th. I have had a small tradition of staying home and making them a special breakfast for first day back to school. Send them off with Pancakes! Well, Brendan just wanted a breakfast drink, Joseph said he ate too much at dinner last night…You know the rest of the story.
As always, summer flew by. We went to Myrtle Beach a few times, went fishing, spent the 4th of July with my parents at Myrtle Beach, helped move my brother to Virginia, went to Salem Avalanche baseball games, had cookouts in the new neighborhood.

As the kids start a new year, it is my prayer that God protects them, gives them wisdom to do the right things, and gives their parents patience and guidance.

So, how did you all invest your summer this year?!
  • Michael Gallagher

    I am the brother that he helped move to Virginia this year. Let’s see, summer 2008…Spent the first month enjoying being a newlywed. Spent the second month traveling back and forth from Virginia to Ohio three straight weeks for job interviews, contract signings, and finding a home to live in. Did I mention that I am a newlywed? Spent the last month unpacking a new home with my wife. During that month, I have been able to visit my brother a few times(which I was not able to do on such a regular basis before), and start a new job. Did I mention that I’m a newlywed?
    I give more than thanks to those who helped this summer go so much smoother for my wife and me. My parents, lisa’s mother and grandmother, John, Chris, Brendan, and Joseph…and all the others who gave things that are not always seen…guidance, advice, wisdom, support.