Expensive laundry – There has to be a better way!

February 26th, 2009 by Gallagher John 2 Comments

Anyone know what this picture is?
This is what is remaining of $68 worth of Staples Rewards certificates that went through the laundry while in my pants pocket. A whole different kind of ‘Pocket Change’ that I have blogged about recently. Now, do you think Staples knows this is going to happen to a lot of their certificates? Maybe so, but there have got to be easier ways for them to hand out their bonus points:
1) How about sending them electronically since I do a majority of my purchases on line?
2) Just assign them to my Staples reward card and when I check out, it debits my account automatically?
3) How about just giving me the dicount up front rather than making me handle paper certificates?
4) Their easy rebates program send Visa debit cards. How about that?
Or, I could not put them in my pocket, or not FORGET that I put them in my pocket!!!!

The question I have is will they believe me and send me new certificates? I will report back and let you know if they refund me for airing my dirty laundry, so to speak!!

What is the worst thing that you have lost through the laundry????

  • Terrace Crawford

    Just ran across your blog today. Thought I’d say hello!

    –Terrace Crawford

  • Comet Aamodt

    Love your suggestions about how the company handles rewards – GREAT IDEAS! Seems ridiculous in this age of technology that they still choose to send PAPER rewards to you. You should share the ideas with the Staples employees that were kind enough to send you the new certificate. ;o)