Don't hold on TOO long

November 20th, 2009 by Gallagher John No Comments

So, as I look at what the kids may want as a gift this year for Christmas, I am often amazed by technology and how it has changed how we learn. I had been considering purchasing a guitar for my son. Then, I saw this blog post by Tim Stevens with a new “iPhone app” to play the guitar. Spend a couple minutes viewing this:

So, I can either buy him a new guitar and go through the pain of trying to force him to learn to play or finding a spot in the closet for another over-sized gift, OR I can purchase the app for his iTouch for $3.99. Now, I know all of the comments: It is more important for him to learn how to play the guitar rather than just hit buttons on a phone…right?

Sure, and it’s more important for kids to learn cursive than type in Word….
and it’s more important to learn how to divide using long division rather than using a calculator…
and it’s more important to read a book from a hardcover rather than purchase an e-Reader and read on my smartphone…RIGHT???? Maybe.

So, what does this have to do with Leadership and Relationships. I will tell you. It is our TIME! You see, as I have said in previous posts, our time is something that we don’t manage. We only have so much time. AND, how much of it do we waste on ‘stuff’ and ‘relationships’ and ‘worrying’ …on holding on to things that we want to get better if we just give it a little more time?

Well, at some point we have to say that our time is much more valuable for things like family and taking care of ourselves rather than worrying if our hand writing is perfect and if our ‘friends’ will be angry if we don’t come to the Tupperware party. My challenge to you is this:

1) Make a list of the things most important to you
2) Compare that list with what is on your calendar(handwriting, guitar playing, Tupperware parties, figuratively speaking)
3) Where there is a match, leave it there
4) Where there is a dis-connect, make a choice – Either it needs to be on the list of #1, OR you need to Let it go…Not so easy.

So, I think I may take up the electric guitar with all the time I am going to free up…

Have a great weekend, friends!