February 10th, 2013 by Gallagher John 1 Comment

Basketball is an exciting sport.  It also provides great opportunities for leadership lessons.  Maybe none as big as the various teaching lessons in a recent 5 over time THRILLER when Notre Dame upended Louisville 104-101.

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I may talk about this game a few times on my blog in the upcoming weeks. Here are just a few of the teaching opportunities I observed:

1) It ain’t over til it’s over – Notre Dame trailed by 8 points with less than a minute left in the game.  Fans were leaving before the clock read 0:00.  I bet you were very disappointed when you got to your cars to beat the traffic and you heard the outcome on the radio. (Full disclosure.  I did not stay up for the end of the game, either.  Too late for me!  And, when I woke up to a text from my brother, I admit, I was disappointed that I had gone to sleep.)

2) There is no ‘I’ in Team – There was an individual on Louisville squad who, on several occasions at the end of the game, tried to take over by themselves and not utilize his teammates.

3) Always be ready – In a physical game with 5 overtimes, many players fouled out.  That means that many players who don’t get much playing time had to play at the end in critical moments.

4) How’s your attitude when you are not ‘out front’? – Garrick Sherman of Notre Dame had recently been relegated to bench duties.  In 7 of the previous 8 games, he had seen less than 5 minutes of action and in 4 of those, did not play at all!  In this game, he was one of Notre Dame’s leading scorers with 17 points — ALL minutes and points were in overtime.  He did not play in regulation.  If you stay positive, your opportunities will come and you will be MUCH more ready when the opportunity hits you.

Leaders, when you watch sports, especially your favorite teams, we sometimes miss the lessons.  Next time you watch a sporting event, tell me what you ‘see’ as a teaching opportunity.  You can use the comment field below for conversation.

  • Like you, I look for lessons in many things and am glad you saw these through the game. I especially like the last point, and how your attitude when you aren’t “out front” is a key indicator of your future. That’s something I’ve seen in my own, and in others, lives. Thanks for sharing.