Building the Perfect Sandwich…I mean…Presentation

March 31st, 2010 by Gallagher John 2 Comments

I have often marveled at the ability and patience my 13-year old son Brendan has to put together a perfect sandwich.  He layers it perfectly and the order of ‘construction’ is very important. 

Today, I will share with you my son’s ability and some great advice from my coach, Raymond Gleason, to show you how to “Build the perfect presentation (sandwich) in 6 steps:

1) Tell them a story.

2) Tell them what you are going to tell them

3) Tell them

4)  Tell them what you told them

5) Call them to action

6) Bonus!

1)  Tell them a story is like the first piece of bread.  You need to set up the next step with a relevant experience or story.  If you are not a comedian, be careful not to try to be too funny and risk losing your audience, but a little humor to wake them up is nice.

2) Tell them what you are going to tell them is the first condiment like lettuce or a slice of cheese.  Let them know the points you are going to review

3) Tell them – now that you have told them what you are going to tell them, put the main ingredient (the meat!) on the sandwich. Summarize after a few points.

4)  Tell them what you told them Time to add the dressing.  Summarize at the end the main points.  It will help them to remember what you just presented

5) Call them to action Last slice of bread on top.  Holds it all together and makes it worthwhile.  If you are in a large group, challenge them to go out and make something happen.  If in a smaller group, actually work with them to write down what they are doing, but don’t let them leave without making a commitment to what they heard.

6) Bonus – This is the olive on the toothpick that decorates the sandwich (and yes, Brendan even adds this most of the time!).  If you have time, a Q&A session to clarify even further your points can be a great addition.

What presentation have you been stumped on how to get started?  Write down these 6 steps as an outline and fill in the blanks next to them.  It will help. 

  • tim

    Awesome post John! I will print this out and use it as an outline to develop my next presentation. Thanks!

  • John Gallagher

    Let me know how it goes, Tim! John