Book Review – Leadership Gold

July 24th, 2010 by Gallagher John No Comments

Recently, I completed Leadership Gold: Lessons I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Leading by John C Maxwell.  This book took me over a year to complete.  Not because it wasn’t a good book, quite the contrary.  This is a book that you can pick up, scan the table of contents, and go to a specific lesson without the need to complete the book front to back.  There will be times you are on your leadership journey that some of the lessons may impact you more or less, but clearly, this is a valuable resource for leaders.  As valuable as ‘Gold’?  I will let you decide!

There were a few topics of the 26 lessons that have struck a chord with me recently that I will share here:

Lesson #21:  Influence should be loaned and never given– It is my nature to think that my influence can change anyone and everyone.  This is just not the case.  Some folks ask, but do not want to be held accountable.  If they do not want to be held accountable after some time of mentoring, then I resever the right to call my loan, so to speak.

Lesson #22: For everything you gain, you give up something – Generally, to go up, you must give up something that makes you comfortable.  Whether that is material, associations with people, or a bad habit, to go up, we must always give up.

Lesson #12: Your biggest mistake is not asking what mistake you’re making – To get maximum attention, make a big mistake.  TO cause maximum damage, fail to admit it!  As leaders, you will make mistakes.  PLEASE don’t be afraid to admit to those mistakes.  I believe this was President Bush’s biggest weakness – an inability to admit a mistake.

So, this book is filled with 26 great leadership lessons.  I had 10 dogears, and was tough on the dogears for this book.  The score for this book is 254 pgs/ 10 dogears for a 25.4 score.  Not a must ‘read’, according to the scale, but clearly a must resource to have to refer to on a regular basis in times of need.

So, what are you reading right now?