BCE – 2010 Reflect, Plan Connect

September 22nd, 2010 by Gallagher John 13 Comments

Recently, I attended BCE2010 in Bend, OR.  It was a great time to get some r&r and reflect on those things important in my life.  Below is a video summary of my 4 days and some of my takeways.  Be sure to turn the volume up.  This was my first attempt at video blogging and the audio is a little ‘low’.  Comments welcomed AND encouraged!

Having trouble viewing the video in your browser, click here: BCE 2010 – Takeways

Thanks to Daniel Harkavy @ Building Champions for the ‘challenge’ to step outside the comfort zone just a bit and let the palms sweat!

  • Good job John! Way to step it up and get out of that box… KEEP doing it! It will only get easier. 🙂

  • Thanks for posting John, way to push the boundaries of what you are comfortable with.

  • Jessica Traffas

    Right you are – 27 disciplines is way too many to keep on top of! Great wisdom on “pruning” – and a beautiful tree, by the way. Thank you for sharing!

  • John, great reminders and takeaways from the Experience. So glad we were able to connect and finally meet face to face. Best of luck with executing all of your disciplines. Keep those palms sweaty.

  • Rob & Amy, Thanks…way out. A challenge to watch myself on video

  • Dan, it was great to connect. I love the disciplines you are sharing as well. John

  • The tree is really cool. We bought the lot and designed the house for the tree.

  • Way to go John! You get it and I thank you for sharing it. Keep taking the risks!

  • Great work John. Push through the pain baby! My best advice for clients embarking on video is;

    1) be yourself (you’re the best John Gallagher I know)

    2) Do it a lot!



  • THanks, Bill. I will push on through. I remember someone at BCE 2008 who said “People I have always told me I have a ‘radio face'”. I remember that like it was this year. It was funny and true for me!!

  • Great video John! Sounds familiar. A wise man (JG) once told me that we all have the same 24 hours in a day but how we choose to use our own 24 hours makes all the difference.

  • Randy Lundy

    John – thanks for the reminder how important relationships are in life! Donna and I appreciate you,Chris and the boys so much.

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