BCE 2010 – Reflect, Plan, CONNECT

October 25th, 2010 by Gallagher John 1 Comment

During BCE2010 this year, the theme of the event was “Reflect, Plan, and Connect”. 

This past weekend, I had the chance to CONNECT intentionally with several key people inside my Life Plan.  The photos above are just a few of the memories created this weekend.

Left photo – This is a shot with my wife, Chris, and our friends,  the Campbell’s – Dave & Susan.  They were our best man and matron of honor at our wedding over 16 years ago.  They celebrated their 17th anniversary during this weekend visit!  We had not seen them in about 7 years and it was a fantastic chance to re-CONNECT with them and for our kids to build relationships with each other.

2 Center photos – My sons Brendan and Joseph were on this trip with us and they were able to meet one of WVU’s all-time leading rushers, Noel Devine.  The second photo is our tailgating spot directly in front of the WVU football stadium.  Both of these memorable photo opps were made possible by a connection I made at BCE2010, Tim Bolling.  A big thanks goes out to Tim. 

Right photo – A picture with my ‘little’ brother, Michael. He and his wife, Lisa, joined us during the weekend, also, and I was so happy to share this time with them.

So, as a direct result of 1) disciplines identified in my Life Plan and 2) connections made at BCE2010, we had a very memorable weekend in Morgantown, West by God Virginia.  The theme of my blog came out so many times during the weekend…”Life is Relationships…the rest is just details.”

So, what memories did YOU create this weekend? 

  • Kristen

    Great pictures John.
    I especially love the one with your Steelers jersey on. Not sure what it would feel like to root for a winning team over here in Denver, but you look happy.
    Have a great day.