Are you "Peeing in your wetsuit?"

June 28th, 2009 by Gallagher John No Comments

A friend of mine, Kim Chaney, once used an analogy in a meeting. He said “This is like peeing in a wetsuit. It feels kinda good when you do it, but you KNOW it’s gonna chafe later on.” I don’t remember the exact situation we were in at the time, but I do know that I wouldn’t soon forget it!

At the time, I believe he was referring to a situation where our group was doing something that may have been easier at the time(peeing in the wetsuit), but would not be better for us in the long run (chafing!).

In life, we are presented with these opportunities all the time where we have to make a choice as to the right action to take. It gets back to ‘Discipline’ – Doing WHAT you need to do…WHEN you need to do it…even though you DON’T want to at that time. You KNOW you should, in essence, take off your wetsuit!

I like to think there are ways to be more disciplined. Here are a few tips that I would suggest:

1) Write down your ‘want’ and look at it on a regular basis (hourly, daily, weekly). It is harder to avoid when you see it in writing.
2) Look for an accountability partner to help you. Ask a friend or mentor to periodically ‘check-in’ on you to see how you are doing with your ‘want’. It is even more difficult (and embarrassing) to tell a friend or mentor that you have not been working on your disciplines!!
3) Pray about it. Ask God for strength.
4) Just do it! – You know you are going to feel better after you have completed the discipline. Why would you not want to feel better?

I am sure there are other ways.

Did you “Pee in your wetsuit today?” – What other ways are there that you have used to be more disciplined at what you ‘want’ so that you don’t become “chafed” in the future?

Thanks, Kim, for the inspiration for this post. I had a a couple friends who nearly fell off their chairs laughing this week when I used the analogy in a meeting.