Are you approachable…or do you change like the weather?

April 1st, 2011 by Gallagher John No Comments

I was in Boston this week and the weather there this time of year can be a little inconsistent and volatile.  On Wednesday evening, the view from my hotel room looked like this:

Just 36 hours later on Friday morning, it looked like THIS:

Hard to believe that things could change that rapidly.

This reminded me of the importance as a leader of being consistent and approachable.  When your team or your colleagues approach you, can they expect you to be consistent, or are they concerned that your ‘mood’ is going to change like the weather?

As a leader, approachability is such an important characteristic.  When you are consistently approachable, the following results occur:

1) Your colleagues are more likely to bring you issues with confidence

2) Your colleagues will share bad news with you sooner and thus, you will be able to identify and solve problems before they turn into a storm!

3) Mutual respect is built, thus increasing your effectiveness, and subsequently results.

So, are you approachable consistently…or do you change like the weather?