Are you an 'Incomplete Leader'?

September 24th, 2008 by Gallagher John No Comments

If you answered ‘Yes’ to that question, then I say “CONGRATULATIONS”. Being an ‘incomplete’ leader does not mean you are an ‘incompetent’ leader.

I just finished listening to the Maximum Impact lesson entitled “In Praise of the Incomplete Leader” by John C. Maxwell. I clearly had a few takeaways from this:

1) As a leader, I am not strong in all areas of leadership…AND that is OK. Believe me, I have plenty of weaknesses.
2) I have to recognize that all leaders and team members are not going to be ‘like me’ and that is a good thing. I talk about this in the Building Champions interview I did about a week back. When I started a new career with my mother-in-law in real estate, I worked really hard to get her to do things my way rather than focusing on the areas of her strength and allowing our team to be more successful as a result. BIG MISTAKE on my part
3) There is a need to surround yourself with people who are stronger in areas than you are. This is how you will continue to grow, both personally and professionally.

What are the key areas for your business/life/home that are critical in your development? Are you strong in all those areas? If not, congratulations! Go out and find resources(hire, delegate, confidants) to complement the areas of your leadership weaknesses. If I can fulfill any of those resources for you, let me know.