5K LEADERSHIP LESSON – 4 WAYS to AVOID THE “Law of Diminishing Intent”

July 9th, 2012 by Gallagher John No Comments

 I recently completed another 5K and had my PB (Personal Best) if only by a few seconds, it felt good.  Each time I complete one of these runs, I learn something a little bit more about myself.  This time, I was a victim of the “Law of Diminishing Intent”.   I really was having some trouble getting going on my training plan for this 5K.  I had the best intentions of getting up and doing my runs, but too often, I would go through the day and get involved in all of the other important ‘stuff’ and not get to my exercise.  The graph of my intent looks like this:

I had to change something.   Here are 4 ways you can avoid the diminishing intent:

1) Set a goal – If you have a specific goal out in front of you, it can be a good motivator.  My goal was to reduce my 5K time to under 28:00.

2) Go to bed earlier – Do you want to get up early and get something done?  Then, you must go to bed earlier! I had to go to bed an hour earlier to get my 7 hours and still be able to get up to exercise first.

3) Put some skin (aka money) in the game – You may need to make an investment of your own money to help keep you focused and put a little extra pressure on performing.  I invested in a training plan to help me.

4) Recruit an accountability partner – No better way to get something done than to have to be held accountable.   I had to send a daily email to a friend with my exercise for the morning.

For you it might be something different than exercise.  It could be reading, or a house project, or starting that book you have always wanted to write.

What other ways have you been successful in avoiding the Law of Diminishing Intent?