April 21st, 2013 by Gallagher John No Comments

Recently, I ranted about ‘meetings that suck’ and 5 reasons why.  A few of you asked me if I had recently observed these…Yes, I had. Often, I share my experiences as much for what NOT do do, so that you may change your behaviors to improve your leadership.  While we all may have meetings that are energy vampires (they suck the energy right out of us!) there are ways to re-energize your meetings.  Here are 5 ways:

ninefifty1) End your meetings on the :50 or the :20 –  This will give you set-up time to get to the next meeting if you have consecutive meetings.  And, really, a restroom break between meetings might be helpful, too!

2) “No agenda, no meeting” – Let’s make sure we have a purpose for the meeting.  A good basic template for a meeting agenda:

  • Review status of previous action items assigned
  • Review status of goals
  • Discuss barriers to any gaps
  • Brainstorm countermeasures
  • Assign (what, who, by when)
  • Reflection – What went well? What could go better?

3) Stand up meetings – Sometimes this is necessary to keep the flow going.

4) No technology rule – Do you have folks checking their email on their smart-phones during meetings?  Have you ever had to repeat something to someone after this?  Set the ground rules for your meetings up front

5) No-meeting zone – With all of the meetings, when do we have time to do the work?  Maybe you should consider having a 2-hour no meeting zone with your team, say from 9:00-11:00 daily.  Utilize this time to lead.  Go to the work place and learn what is happening.

These are just a few ways.  I could talk at length about de-selecting some of the meetings you have, but that is another blog post SERIES.

Could your team benefit from any of these suggestions? What other methods have you used to improve your meetings?  Let me know by leaving a comment.