5 ways to help you to determine your ‘Vocation’

February 6th, 2012 by Gallagher John 1 Comment

How do we really know what we are supposed to be ‘doing’? 


One of the favorite sermon series that I have heard (twice now!) is on 5 ways to help you determine your ministry…your work…your purpose.

The 5 ways are built into an acronym called the S.H.A.P.E. profile

S – Spiritual gifts.  What are the gifts you have been given to have an impact?  You might be a leader, or have the gift of hospitality, life my wife does.  Here is a link to a couple short assessments you might take to detemine your gifts CLICK HERE

H – Heart (passion) What are the things that you have a passion for?  When you do these things you simply are more energetic and find reward in them

A – Abilities.  These are things that help keep you grounded.  I may want to be an NBA basketball player, but my abilities don’t match with that very well!

P – Personalities.  Do you have the ability to get along and lead individuals with personalities that are differnt than yours?  The assessment I use to help me here is the DiSC profile.

E – experiences.  What experiences do you have to share?  What has already happened in your life that you can teach others?  We often can provide great help to those who are going through tough experiences by the learnings we have of going through situations.  For example, if you are a cancer survivor, your experiences on that journey can be very helpful to someone who has just learned of their diagnosis.

Special thanks to Stan Buck and Ken Neinke, 2 pastors who have shared these tools with me and helped to SHAPE me.

Do you know your SHAPE?

  • Stan Buck


    You have a great SHAPE – especially after I back you down the lane and do my Hoosier fade-away on you!

    Seriously – thanks for the kind words – and for letting God use you in your vocation!