5 things I am grateful for upon reflecting on 2011

December 29th, 2011 by Gallagher John 4 Comments

Another year has FLOWN by.  What a year it has been.  I was looking through some of my photos from the year and, of course, realize I don’t take enough of them!!  But, it has been an eventful year and one that compels me to be grateful for so many things:

1) Medical advances – It seemed like the year of surgeries for the Gallagher’s and close friends.  Mom had knee replacement. Our friend, Stan Buck had major brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.  My brother had major heart surgery to basically rebuild his heart, and we finished out the year with Brendan having wisdom teeth pulled.  All of them are recovering well. 25 years ago, these stories likely would have been quite different.

2) People who inspire me – There are many who do inspire me.  This year, the ‘top’ inspirer would be Adam Ward, a friend and co-worker who inspired me to run my first 5K and subsequently, 3 more after that! 

3) Work that I love – I really do enjoy the work that I do.  Too often in today’s economy folks may be doing things that they just don’t love. 

4) Safe air travel – I had to log over 160 flight segments in 2011 and each of them landed the same way they took off!

5) Family  – Saving the best for last…Frankly, my wife, Chris and boys sacrificed this year as a result of #3 above.  They have been very gracious in affording my the opportunity to fulfill my purpose. 

There are many more things like time spent with friends (see photo above from WVU homecoming game! – Let’s Go Mountaineers!!) that I need to be grateful for all the time.  

So, what are you grateful for in 2011?  Take some time to reflect on this.  You will find it rewarding.

  • Stan Buck


    I’m grateful to be your friend – and to be on your list!

    I’m also thankful that you are getting to do work that you love – I know that is an answer to prayer!

    Happy New Year!

  • Thanks, Stan. Thanks for all the value you have added to my life and continue to add!

  • Tim Bolling

    A great photo and accompanying a great post and reflection. I love # 3 and 5. I need to try this exercise myself. Thanks for the efforts to connect this year. All the best for a great 2012.

  • Tim, We loved that day in Morgantown, in spite of the weather! I hope 2012 is prosperous and safe for you. I will be at homecoming again. Will try to connect again.