5 Books on my reading list in 2009

December 22nd, 2008 by Gallagher John No Comments

My goal each year is to read on average one book per month. While it is aggressive, I generally finish up about half of them. I am really enjoying Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders right now. I want to finish it in 2008.
Here are the Top 5 books I will be reading in 2009. Any reviews are appreciated.
1) Do the Right Thing – I love the title and I like some of Huckabee’s philosophies.
2) The Shack – After my post about Timing & Opportunity, two folks recommended this book to me and it had been suggested before, so I will heed that advice!
3) Tribes – I have enjoyed following Seth Godin’s blog and his advice on marketing. I have heard good things about this book, also!
4) The Truth About You – This was a free one that I got from Thomas Nelson Publishing’s web site. Get a free copy if you write a blog review. Plus, Buckingham’s stuff is good to read. Normally, very data driven.
5) Every Day is Game Day – I wear a band with this on it that I received at an October retreat. It had a lot of impact on me then.
Some honorable mention books I would like to read, also are:

Got any suggestions for me? What are you reading in 2009?