3 Ways Air Travelers Can Insure They are OFF my Christmas card list

October 29th, 2011 by Gallagher John 4 Comments

I am a frequent traveler.  I don’t necessarily like to be, but it is needed considering my regular work is 700 miles away from home!  As a result, there are many opportunities for me to encounter pet peeves while traveling.  Some of these things I shrug off, but others really test my patience.  Here are 3 pet peeves of mine that will guarantee you are off my Christmas card list this year:

1) Put both of your bags in the overhead bin – When you put both of your bags in the bin, you ensure a slower boarding process.  Just because you have a right to do it, doesn’t make it right.  Use the space below your feet!

2) Let your backpack swing wildly as you walk up the aisle – I like an aisle seat.  But, when you  are boarding with your backpacks, must you allow it to bang off of my shoulder when you walk by?

3) Block the moving sidewalk so that walkers cannot pass – 8 words people — Walk to the left and stand to the RIGHT!

What travel pet peeves do you encounter?

  • Kristen Kelly

    OK John, this was so right on today. I have all of those pet peeves as well. I specifically like being hit by the backpack and not getting a sorry. Super awesome. It is like someone told air travellers that if they use common curtesy the plane will crash 🙂 Great post, here is another pet peeve to add to your list – people that are sitting in the back of the back of the plane but use the overhead bin in the front. Recently I had the joy of putting my bag way in the back because of this and had to wait for the entire plane to deboard in order to retrieve my bag.
    I wish there was some sort of manual on this. Maybe you could write one 🙂

  • That was in the top 10 for sure, Kristen! I am preparing to write more of the book today as I prepare to fly out once more. Hopefully, uneventful today

  • Great post John! I’m sure the list could go on… Kristen, you nailed a good one too. Recently I was bumped up to first class but made it on the plane later than I prefer… a lady in front of me started to put her bag in the overhead right over my seat… as she started to walk away, the flight attendant said: “Excuse me… are you in first class?” She said “No”. The flight attendant said: “Then you have to move your bag.” I was getting ready to make the long walk toward the back of the plane to find a place for my bag. Oh the joys of getting bumped up every now and then.

  • Tim, this list of 3 is just the START!