September 24th, 2012 by Gallagher John 2 Comments

Well, this week, my iPod gave me challenges.  On Saturday morning, I usually am out doing a long run and one of the important tools I have is the iPod, which has some playlists and podcasts that make the run a little more enjoyable.  This past Saturday, the iPod locked up on me…I was distraught…How would I do my run without one of my most important tools?

It was either wait around for the battery to die and reset the iPd, or venture out without it and ‘endure’ the silence.  Well, I dragged myself out to run, and much to my surprise and delight, it was refreshing.  I was able to generate 3 benefits without the ‘noise’ of the music in my ears:

1) Be ‘Other’ focused – There are many other people out on the trail.  I found myself engaging more with others.  A simple “good morning” to each runner or walker was generally met with a smile.  I also found myself wondering about ‘their story’.  Were they battling some of the same challenges I was?  What concerns did they have?

2) Thinking time – My mind was able to ‘hear’ more about what was going on inside!  I was able to reflect on the previous week and think about conversations I needed to have with others

3) Prayer time – I found myself wanting to fill the time with conversation.  Since I was running ‘by myself’, I found it easier to have a silent conversation with God and ask him for some big stuff!  Pretty cool.  I made sure not to converse out loud, though.

So, sometimes, changing up your routine can have some unintended, positive consequences.

When was the last time you shook things up, and were rewarded for that change? 


  • John, I am one who for most of my life couldn’t stand silence. Listening to a speaker or some great music is always preferable than listening to me. And then just a little while ago, I realized the awesome power of silence and am finding the benefits you outline. It really does help calm your own mind.

  • I wish I did it more, Skip. Thanks for sharing. John