September 15th, 2013 by John Gallagher No Comments

“Are you the person you want to be in a relationship with wants to be in a relationship with?” – Andy Stanley

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To be successful, you need to hang around people that are more successful than you are.  You learn from them.  You grow if you have a learning spirit.  Do you find yourself hanging around the right people?  If not, there may be some specific reasons.  Here are 3 that come to my mind that may keep you from being with the right people:

1) You chronically see the negative – Listen to your words and what comes out of your mouth.  Do you have a tendency to be a pessimist?  To me, these folks are energy vampires.  They suck the energy right out of me.

2) You are self-focused – Do you spend more time talking about yourself than you do learning about the person you are getting to know?  Assess where you are here.  If I only want to know about you, I can go look at your LinkedIn profile.

3) You ‘hang out’ in the wrong places – Let’s face it.  You have to be where other successful people are.  Where do the people ‘hang out’ that you like to be around?  Are you attending great conferences? Are you reading great books?  Are you listening to great podcasts?  Start a hang-out like a book club.  See if you begin to grow.  Share a podcast you love to listen to with another leader.

Andy Stanley’s podcast question challenged me.  I am putting my own twist on it:

Are you the kind of person you want or need to hang around with …wants or needs to hang arount with?  If the answer to that question is no, you may need to make some adjustments.

What other reasons might you not be hanging out with the right people?