2010 reading 'stack'

January 2nd, 2010 by Gallagher John 1 Comment

I was reviewing some of my blogs from 2009 and came across my reading list for 2009 post.  Well, 1 of 5 isn’t bad.  I did complete a total of 5 books in 2009, am enjoying finishing up Tribes right now and have developed a list for 2010, also.  Because I didn’t finish the others on the original list does not mean that they were not important, just that situations may have changed during the year(First 90 days), or someone may have have suggested a book to me(Love & Respect), a new book came out that was not available when I made my original list, I read about it in a blog post of someone else I follow(Duct Tape Marketing), or it was a gift given to me during the year. 

So, what are the criteria for books that I read?  The book should fall in to one or more of the following categories for me to consider:

1) Relationship building
2) Improvement (of myself, others, or processes I am working on)
3) Learning (kind of like New York, NY).  Reading a book is learning
4) Discipline – How to improve priority management in my life.

This year, I have the follwing books in my ‘stack to read’:

I have already started a few of them.


  • What was your favorite book of 2009?
  • What is on your 2010 reading ‘stack’?
  • How do you choose a book to read?