August 19th, 2012 by Gallagher John 1 Comment

I am now a 10K runner.  That sounds pretty good and it really felt good to complete that race last weekend.

Prior to this race I had done four 5K races in the past year.  But, I hit a bit of a rut in my routine for many reasons.  I began to run less and was finding it a bit too easy to slip into, “I will just do my exercise…tomorrow.”

As a leader, you may find yourself getting into a rut as well with your disciplines.  You have to fight this sluggishness.  Here are four  ways I was able to overcome the ‘sluggishness’ and run my first ever 10K race!

1) Set a new goal – Last year, the goal was to run my first 5K and then  to run a faster 5K.  I decided to raise the bar and try a 10K.

2) Set a target date – ‘Some’ is not a number and ‘soon’ is not a time.  If I would have told myself that I wanted to run a 10K ‘soon’, I may not have gotten to it!  I went out and registered for the event and put it on my calendar

3) Have a plan – If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.  I know you have heard that before, but you must have a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  I used a Runner’s World plan that was 10 weeks in duration.

4) Share your goal  – Tell someone about your goal and share your progress.  Ask them to hold you accountable.  For this prep, I shared my progress by sending a daily email to a friend.

If you are stretching to get better as a leader, you will inevitably hit times of sluggishness.  With these tips, you can minimize the impact.

So, what other ways have you overcome sluggishness in your leadership growth?